Vehicle Graphics

  • Car graphics

  • Custom decals and stickers

  • Van graphics

  • Vehicle wrapping

  • Fleet graphics

  • Lorry and bus graphics

  • Train and boat graphics

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Vehicle graphics are a powerful, cost-effective tool for any business, reinforcing branding and messaging 24/7. Vehicles of all types become mobile billboards using simple cut vinyl logos to full vehicle wraps. Take a look at how this high quality service can add value to your business.

The Science

The most important consideration is that vehicle graphics have to be durable, very durable! They have to withstand washing, weather and road debris every day, so using the right print technology and materials is key to success in this market.

Vehicle graphics are printed using a durable ink such as an eco-solvent or mild solvent ink type which has been specifically designed for long-term outdoor applications. Eco-solvent / mild solvent ink ‘binds’ to the substrate meaning that even unlaminated, it’s tough. It also allows stretch without cracking which is important, as the substrate will be required to curve round the shape of the vehicle. To get the highest print quality and durability, it’s always wise to laminate, road conditions are harsh and your product needs to last. Finally, use the highest quality self-adhesive vinyl (or film) and laminate you can. These are also important factors in the ultimate durability of your product.

What You Need

  • Eco-solvent / mild solvent wide format printer (64” is ideal)

  • Cutting plotter (for stickers, cut graphics and decals)

  • RIP

  • Self-adhesive vinyl (or film)

  • Laminator (cold)

How You Can Benefit

There are both business and operational benefits to including vehicle graphics as part of your service:


  • Growth market for on-demand vehicle customisation

  • Opportunity for high-volume business

  • Opportunity for repeat business and customer loyalty

  • Premium product business, high margins

  • Multiple applications

  • Choose between cut graphics and/or vehicle wraps

The opportunities for vehicle graphics producers are enormous. There are the huge fleets of cars and vans used by corporates, delivery companies and utilities. But equally important are the many, many small or single-person businesses who view the investment in vehicle graphics as a very low cost form of advertising and a great way of raising brand awareness. Compare the cost of a vehicle graphic to that of a billboard at a railway station for instance. In addition, the private market is growing – those who want their car, boat or motorcycle to stand out from the crowd, just because they love it.  You can go larger with trains, buses, lorries and boats. The more we move, the greater the opportunities become.

If you’re starting out, producing cut-graphics and logos is the perfect way to build a customer base.


  • Perfect for one-offs, short or production runs

  • Vibrant colour, resistant to scratches and fade (lamination recommended)

  • Quick drying time

  • Low odour (no harmful VOC’s)

  • Multiple applications

  • Huge choice of white, coloured or metallic vinyls

  • Choice between cut graphics and/or vehicle wraps

High volume eco-solvent / mild solvent printers give you the advantage, not only in terms of the ink durability, but the flexibility to operate one-off, short and long production runs meaning you can reach any business of any size. Alongside a RIP, you can be sure of absolute colour and quality consistency. The quality and durability of your output is key to success in this market so selecting the right printer and materials is critically important. Get this right and the business will be there. Vehicle graphics (depending on the environment) tend to last around 2 years and branding changes so offering the best service will pay dividends.

Your Target Markets


  • Corporate marketing departments

  • Advertising/brand agencies

  • Local businesses and community projects

  • Professional motorsports

  • Small businesses

  • Private market

Mutoh Equipment Options


  • ValueJet 628

  • ValueJet 1341SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1641SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR

  • ValueCut II 600

  • ValueCut II 1300

  • ValueCut II 1800

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