ValueCut II 1300

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ValueCut II 1300

Enabling the finest cutting quality with excellent tracking, the affordable VC2-1300 cutter is equally suited for kiss cutting and for contour cutting of preprinted graphics.

Thanks to the incorporated innovative tangential simulation mode you can make miniature letters, intricate graphic shapes and obtain perfect cut quality with thick materials. With the integrated automatic registration mark detection technology, you can easily produce a series of stickers which are contour cut and/or die cut.

Think of regular signage, vehicle and window graphics, glass frosting, car stickers, labels, safety signs, funny bumper stickers, apparel heat transfer graphics, craft and sandblast stencils and much more.

Product Highlights

  •  High performance wide format drag knife vinyl cutter
  •  All-in solution : cutter / stand / basket + cutting software
  •  For retail / advertisement businesses and sign making professionals
  •  Multi-purpose : for kiss cut, contour and die cutting
  •  Top performer : up to 1530 mm/s - up to 4.2G
  •  Powerful : cutting force up to 600 g
  •  Guaranteed 10 metre media tracking
  •  Finest cutting quality: tangential simulation mode
  •  Ready for perfect teamwork with any printer capable of printing on PVC for contour cutting of preprinted graphics
  •  Automatic registration mark detection to swiftly contour-cut preprinted graphics
  • Triple connectivity : Ethernet, USB and serial

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