ValueJet 1627MH

64" wide
made in japan
CMYK & White
Environmentally Responsible
Rigid 16 mm

ValueJet 1627MH

Print on 64” (1625 mm) wide rigid media up to 16 mm & 15 kg and roll substrates up to 30 kg. The ValueJet 1627MH comes with Mutoh’s resin-based CMYK + white MP-31 inks. The high opacity white ink enables printing on transparent and coloured substrates. The MP-31 inks are also extremely stretchable and shrinkable.

The ValueJet 1627MH is equally suited for sign & display print shops for the production of both indoor and long term outdoor prints, as well as for graphics companies looking for a digital solution for proofing of short run production of packaging prototypes or customised labels, even for industrial printers specialised in thermo forming. 

Product Highlights

  • 64” (1625 mm) rigid and roll-to-roll printing
  • CMYK + White Resin-based Multi-Purpose inks
  • Extensive colour gamut and excellent image durability
  • High opacity white ink for prints on transparent & coloured substrates
  • Inks extremely stretchable and shrinkable
  • Switching between rigid and roll setup is fast
  • Ideal for high definition prints for close viewing distances.

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