Stickers & Labels

  • Logo stickers

  • Car and windscreen stickers

  • Promotional stickers

  • Health & safety stickers

  • Product packaging

  • Industrial labelling

  • Window stickers

  • Window tinting

We’ve all used them and we all love them – stickers!  From stickers for our favourite band, to those for cars, fridges and laptops – stickers are everywhere. They convey a message, they show loyalty and they promote business. They are also cost-effective. Add sticker and labelling production to add value to your service offering.

The Science

Stickers and labels produced on a wide format printer are typically printed on vinyl using a durable ink such as an eco-solvent or mild solvent ink type which has been specifically designed for long-term indoor and outdoor applications. Eco-solvent / mild solvent ink ‘binds’ to the substrate meaning that even unlaminated, it’s tough. It also allows stretch without cracking which is important, as the substrate will be required to peel and could well be placed on a curved surface. You can laminate too if the job specification requires it (largely for outdoor applications).

The printed rolls are then transferred to a cutting plotter, which via software, cuts round the stickers so that they can be easily peeled away from the backing. There are several ways to cut round stickers and labels – kiss-cutting and contour being the most commonly used, but either process is extremely quick and your turnaround will be fast, even for high-volume jobs.

What You Need


  • Eco-solvent / mild solvent wide format printer

  • Cutting plotter (for stickers, cut graphics and decals)

  • RIP

  • Self-adhesive vinyl (or film), face film or window film

  • Laminator if required (cold)

How You Can Benefit

There are both business and operational benefits to including stickers and labelling as part of your service:


  • Growth market for on-demand standard and custom applications

  • Opportunity for high-volume business

  • Opportunity for repeat business and customer loyalty

  • Multiple applications

  • Low capital cost, start-small opportunity

Starting out in the sticker and labelling market doesn’t need to be expensive, the applications are absolutely endless and with the right marketing, you should always be busy. High volume eco-solvent / mild solvent printers give you the advantage, not only in terms of the ink durability, but the flexibility to operate one-off, short and long production runs means you can reach any business of any size. Stickers and labels give all businesses the same advantage – quickly produced and cost-effective tools by which to drive sales. And they can be updated and replaced without a large budget too, so they’re very accessible to all. As a producer – the industrial labelling market is also one which is growing as manufacturers move more towards durable labelling – control panels and electrical labelling are good examples. Labels which carry important content and messaging are growth areas.


  • Perfect for custom, short or production runs

  • Vibrant colour, resistant to scratches and fade

  • Quick drying time

  • Low odour (no harmful VOC’s)

  • Multiple applications

  • Huge choice of substrates

Alongside a RIP, you can be sure of absolute colour and quality consistency. The quality and durability of your output is key to success in this market so selecting the right materials is critically important. Equally, selecting the correct hardware will give you the flexibility to just print, print and cut or just cut depending on your workflow. Flexibility is also key in this market so you can happily produce one-of-a-kind custom graphics and stickers or production runs. Eco-solvent / mild solvent inks are low odour and contain no harmful VOC’s so safety in the workplace is guaranteed if the correct procedures are followed.

Your Target Markets

  • Corporate marketing departments

  • Advertising/brand agencies

  • Local businesses and community projects

  • Professional motor sports

  • Small businesses

  • Private market

  • Healthcare and Government

  • Manufacturers

  • Building and construction

Mutoh Equipment Options

  • ValueJet 628

  • ValueJet 1341SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1641SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR

  • ValueJet 1638UR Mark II

  • ValueCut II 600

  • ValueCut II 1300

  • ValueCut II 1800

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