Traffic Signage

  • Danger warning signs

  • Priority signs

  • Prohibitory or restrictive signs

  • Mandatory signs

  • Special regulation signs

  • Information, facilities or service signs

  • Direction, position or indication signs

  • Custom traffic signs

We come across them daily. Traffic signs & road signage point us in the right direction, make us slow down, inform us. A regulated, prominent marker in our society. Developed in partnership with Avery Dennison, the TrafficJet™ Xpert is a complete digital printing system for traffic safety and reflective sign producers.

The TrafficJet™ Xpert InkJet Print System is a complete digital printing system for the traffic safety and reflective sign producers as well as municipalities looking for an easy-to-manage in-house solution for a variety of signage. Mutoh and Avery Dennison combined forces and are working closely together to offer a complete, cost-effective, highly flexible digital printing solution with equipment, ink, and reflective sheeting for work zone and all permanent signage. Every purchase of a TrafficJet Xpert includes professional on-site installation and training, as well as the necessary software for professional sign making.

How it works :

TrafficJet Xpert is an environmentally friendly print solution using durable and cost-effective Eco-Solvent inks. True Traffic Color™ spot inks (yellow, black, blue, red and green), make the production of traffic signs, wayfinding, and custom signage easy and straightforward. Machine operation is highly simplified using a large touchscreen panel, so even the inexperienced operator will learn quickly how to operate the printer. Thanks to the fast-drying inks and integrated dryer, the TrafficJet Xpert can print up to speeds of 162 ft²/hour (15 m²/hour). The printer is also equipped with high volume ink loaders, that reduce cartridge waste and increase unattended print capacity.

What you need

Depending on the usage and regulatory requirements, traffic safety and reflective signs come in a wide a variety of materials. Below you can find a list of Avery Dennison sheet and roll materials that can be printed with the TrafficJet Print System.

  • Avery Dennison T-1500 Series Engineer Grade Beaded Retroreflective Sheeting for permanent traffic signage.

  • Avery Dennison T-2000 Series Prismatic Engineering Grade Retroreflective Film for permanent traffic signage.

  • Avery Dennison T-6000 Series High Intensity Microprismatic (HIP) Retroreflective Film for permanent and temporary traffic signage.

  • Avery Dennison T-11500 Series OmniCube Full-Cube Microprismatic Sheeting.

  • Avery Dennison T-7000 Maximum Visual Performance (MVP) Series Microprismatic Retroreflective Sheeting is a high quality, durable, microprismatic retroreflective material for demanding long distance visibility.

  • Avery Dennison M-0500-D Commercial Grade Beaded Retroreflective Sheeting for non-specification signage requirements.
    Avery Dennison OL-1000 clear overlay film for protecting traffic signs

How You Can Benefit

There are both business and operational benefits to using a TrafficJet™ Xpert Print System.


  • Better protection of profit margins.

  • Respond more quickly to customer demands.

  • Improved control over both the sign quality and delivery time.

  • Less stock guarantees better usage of space and resources.

  • Environmentally friendly solution using durable and cost-effective Eco-Solvent inks, helping companies in achieving their durable and sustainable development goals.


  • Simple & easy operation

  • Fast print speeds for easy on demand printing of short runs, long runs, and variable message signs.

  • Eliminates the cost, footprint, and mess of screen printing and related management of hazardous solvent wastes.

  • True Traffic Color™ spot inks for typical sign colors like yellow, black, blue, red and green

  • Printed signs meet MUTCD specifications for color, ASTM specifications for retroreflectivity.

  • Signs warranted up to 12 years.

  • Built in graffiti cleanability with OL-1000 protective overlay film

  • Add multi-color logos for agency identification and branding

  • Sequential addressing and numbering

  • Easily print agency name in border to protect against theft

  • Fabrication date and bar coding for improved sign maintenance

Target markets:

  • Traffic safety companies

  • Reflective sign producers

  • Municipalities

Equipment Options

  • Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ Xpert

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