Intelligent Interweaving On Board

Mutoh’s leading-edge Intelligent Interweaving (i²) technology will deliver you an unprecedented level of user comfort, allowing you to effortlessly deliver the right print quality at the lowest cost possible.

Mutoh’s i² Print Technology – How It Will Help Your Business

  • eliminates banding, mottling and bleeding

  • creates vibrant images while saving ink

  • achieves high-definition detail without a reduction in print speed

What is Intelligent Interweaving?

Put simply, it’s a revolutionary new way of laying down ink developed by Mutoh and only available in our printers. Rather than the common ‘straight line’ pattern, i² tells the printer to lay the ink in a ‘wave pattern’ form.  Depending on the application and media, it reduces or eliminates some of the issues inherently linked to inkjet printing such as banding, missing or misfiring nozzles and mottling because the print pattern is seamlessly interlaced.  

What are the Benefits?

No more over-specified jobs that take longer and cost more than they should.  No more under-specified jobs that result in poor quality and risk your business.  Easy to use and reduces the amount of printer set-up and attendance.

The Results?

Smooth, pin-sharp, consistent quality output.

Does i² Cost More?

No!  We integrate it into all our printer models as part of the overall price.

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