MS51 Sign & Display Inks

Pioneering sign and display CMYK ink set – called MS51 series - do not require health and safety pictograms and are also gBL free.

Mutoh’s pioneering MS51 CMYK inks - available in litre packs - are cost-effective quick dry sign & display inks which enable printing on the widest range of uncoated and coated substrates, for indoor and outdoor durable commercial graphics.

The MS51 inks offer market leading health and safety features : they do not carry any danger or hazard symbols, are gBL free and allow ozone free printing. As such, they can be used in regular offices, home based businesses or small retail environments.

Mutoh MS51 inks will fulfill the requirements of today’s sign professionals with regards to outdoor and indoor signage applications : wide media compatibility, superior colour gamut, excellent weather, abrasion and chemical resistance, UV durability up to 3 years without lamination and last but not least unique gloss preservation of prints. In addition, they offer excellent drying properties.

Compatible Printers:

  • XpertJet 1641SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR Pro

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