iluv2print - Laser Engraving / Cutting with UV Printing

Laser engraving and cutting with UV printing is a winning combination.

The Challenge

To use laser engraving in combination with LED UV printer to create high quality, creative personalised goods

Products in user story: XpertJet 661UF LED UV printers (and laser engraver)

iluv2print saw an opportunity to offer customers laser engraved products that included colour finishing.  Initially the Company viewed it as a small, niche addition to their established laser engraving business driven by customer demand for colour.  Little did they know that by adding colour to their products, their business would go to a new level and a whole world of creativity would be open to them that had previously been unattainable. 

Owner, Zarin Sharif started his business as a laser engraver creating awards, memorials and gifts from his unit in Middlesborough, UK.  Driven by creativity and a desire to experiment and create unique products, Zarin engraved on to wood, glass, metal, Perspex and more.  Each product was largely unique and designed and produced for the consumer market.  Personalisation is key to the business and its future and when customers started asking for colour, Zarin found the solution in the Mutoh XpertJet 661UF LED UV printer.

Adding the XpertJet 661UF LED UV printer to the business, allowed the Company access to new opportunities and just as importantly, the freedom to be more creative.  Not only were they now able to create branded goods for small businesses such as promotional goods and name tags, but they were also able to add an extra dimension of personalisation and creativity to goods produced for individual customers.  Phone cases, creative photographic products and signage are now included in the portfolio, with much more to come.

Zarin Sharif says, ’I’m a very creative person and although I was able to add a huge amount of my own creativity using my laser cutting equipment, putting LED UV printing in to the equation is not only very exciting, but I can now reach new markets and new opportunities that I couldn’t before.  Creating branded goods for small businesses is the best example.  I have the flexibility to be able to produce low volumes or single units quickly and easily and keep my customers costs as low as mass producers, while delivering great quality’.

Mr Sharif has great plans for his business and the creative opportunities it affords – experimentation being key for the future.

He adds ‘I’m currently experimenting with printing on to reflective material.  I’m very encouraged and can see this working well for signage, but also graphics and photographic images for brands and home customers.  My initial prototypes work well and the added impact of the colour really makes them pop and visually appealing’.

With his sights now set firmly on the future, Mr Sharif is looking to the signage market too, one that he’s not been able to develop before.  He believes that the key to his business is to keep it local and plans to offer his reflective safety signage service out to local companies first to develop the market and get instant feedback.

He says ‘One of the big benefits I have is that I can offer small companies flexibility.  Not only can they save money by ordering from a UK-based producer, but the fact that I can personalise just one unit, or small volumes on demand is very appealing.  And they don’t have to wait weeks, I can turn an order round in days or less depending on the product.  I can see that low volume, creative and unique personalised products are going to be key to companies re-establishing themselves in the future’.

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We are a bespoke creative printing business who stand out from the rest. With the combination of our laser cutter, UV printer and industry standard software we will achieve to "Innovate your ideas' “

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