Mirna Sišul – Digitally Printed Wallcovering

“One of the most important criteria for me as an artist, was the printer’s ability to render the colours as I’d painted them.” says Mirna Sišul


To produce affordable, unique digitally printed wallcovering from original artwork.

Product in user story: ValueJet 1324X

Mirna Sišul is an independent artist with a degree from the Academy of Applied Arts and has been creating and selling her work as a business since 1999. As her business grew, she saw an increased demand for whole wall designs and initially started painting directly on to walls. This was of course, costly for the customer and very time consuming, so Mirna started looking for a more cost effective, faster solution to enable her to meet customer demand. A local demonstration of the Mutoh ValueJet 1324X convinced her to purchase the printer and she’s not looked back since.

Using specially selected wallcovering substrates, Mirna is now able to take on several projects at once and deliver high quality wallcoverings fast.

Mirna says, ‘Interior design or interior painting are a special challenge for me. I have to meet several criteria at once, so the challenge is even greater. The client is entrusting me with his or her home or workspace and I want to be able to deliver the best quality I can in the shortest possible time. My husband and I have learned to use the Mutoh printer from the ground up and have extended what we can offer outside of wallcoverings. Via our webshop, we have been able to add art reproductions, fashion items and objects to our range’.

The 54” wide VJ-1324X printer running Mutoh UMS Universal Mild Solvent inks fits neatly in to Mirna’s studio and having it to hand means that they can meet urgent deadlines for one-off or production runs.

Mirna says ‘The Mutoh printer has really opened up new horizons for us, was easy to understand and by using it every day we are able to quickly know if a project is feasible within the time frames. One of the most important criteria for me as an artist, was the printer’s ability to render the colours as I’d painted them and the combination of the Mutoh printer with the UMS inks and the embedded colour profiles means that the colour rendition is perfect every time. I’m sure we will find more and more applications within our business for it as time goes on. Our next plan is to be able to offer custom wallcovering printing, either a commission or the customers own design.'

To see how the Mutoh 1324X has worked for Mirna Sisul, visit https://mirnasisul.com/.

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