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Multicopy Maarssenbroek and Multicopy Den Bosch choose again for Mutoh printers

Both Marco Beckers from Multicopy Maarssenbroek Lage Weide and Frans de Kok from Multicopy Den Bosch again chose Mutoh when replacing their previously purchased Mutoh ValueJet printers.

"We also looked at other printing systems and technologies, but found the print quality of the Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR printers to be a lot better." affirms Mr. Marco Beckers.

Product in the user story: XpertJet 1641SR

From Copy Shop to Communication Company

Over the years Multicopy The Communication Company has developed from a copy shop to a full service communication company that supports its customers as much as possible in achieving their communication goals. In the 1980s, Multicopy was one of the first companies to bring dtp and digital color copying and printing within everyone's reach. Today, the approximately 60 independent branches of Multicopy companies in the Netherlands supply a wide range of modern means of communication. From indoor and outdoor advertising and printing to e-mail campaigns, websites, promotional items and communication management.

Solid print platform

Both Marco Beckers and Frans de Kok were already using a Mutoh ValueJet printer and were quite satisfied with it.

Marco Beckers: "Replacing a printer is actually the ideal moment to compare and evaluate the different printer manufacturers and technologies. Our Mutoh ValueJet was a decent machine with a good ratio between print quality and speed, but you would like to see how other printers perform. Actually, it was more of a confirmation that we were already on the right track with our choice of Mutoh. The print quality of Mutoh's XpertJet 1641SR printers is quite superior to what other manufacturers offer."

Wide application possibilities

Another important reason for both entrepreneurs to choose Mutoh again is the broad versatility of the XpertJet printers. Frans de Kok: "We offer our customers a total package of visual communication possibilities. From business cards to brochures and from interior decoration to outdoor advertising. And that's the beauty of Mutoh printers. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor applications, because we never have to worry about the UV resistance of the printed material. Think about sponsor boards for soccer clubs, banners, window lettering, posters and stickers, but also car wraps, transfer films and even personalised wallpaper. You name it, we'll do it with Mutoh printers."

Eco-friendly Eco-Solvent

Both Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR printers use the Eco-Solvent inks in combination with the larger and reusable ink cartridges that characterize this new generation. Marco Beckers: "I think the ink cartridges in particular are a big improvement over the previous machine. But there are also numerous improvements under the skin."

"We work with the Mutoh Eco-Solvent inks and for our applications this is still the best and most environmentally friendly solution. Adhesion is very good and the UV resistance is also excellent. Latex inks dry faster on vinyl, but also on paper, the Mutoh print is dry immediately. So that is not an issue for us. If you look at it all together, and I am talking about the purchase price, print quality and speed, as well as the printing cost and the reliability of the machine, then the Mutoh printers are and remain a top investment." concludes Marco Beckers.

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