Theunissen Reklame - Orange is the new gold

Since the installation of a Mutoh XpertJet 1682SR printer with extra orange ink, Noordwijkerhout-based Theunissen Reklame has one less thing to worry about.

Since the installation of a Mutoh XpertJet 1682SR printer with extra orange ink, Noordwijkerhout-based Theunissen Reklame has one less thing to worry about. Rini Theunissen: "With the extra orange we can now print almost all Pantone colours. This offers a lot of new possibilities and opportunities.

Product in user story: XpertJet 1682SR printer

Theunissen Reklame is a real family business, with already the third generation at the helm. It all started in 1971, when Joop Theunissen started as an independent typesetter. Initially, letters were applied to vinyl foil in screen print and cut out by hand. In the same period, son Rini Theunissen also left school and, while waiting for a permanent job, started doing side jobs with his father. He liked it so much, however, that he never left. Later, Rini's son Billie also joined the business and has meanwhile taken over the torch. Companies can go to Theunissen Reklame for all possible signage applications. Whether it's photo walls, stickers, wall signs and printed tarpaulins or car lettering and milled logos, they do it all.

Reliable and stable printers

In 1985, the company invested in a cutting plotter and a few years later a first cutting table was installed. Theunissen Reklame was also among the first companies to invest in digital printing solutions. Rini says: "The first large format printers were based on water-based inks. Later, a UV printer was added, and in 2009 we got our first Mutoh."

"What we noticed right from the start with the Mutoh printer was its reliability and stability. Also the colour fastness of the Mutoh inks is of exceptional quality. And we're speaking from experience, because we've already had every possible technology in house."

Bright orange

Where Theunissen Reklame sometimes ran into a barrier was with the printing of orange colours. Billie explains: "Compared to other colours, orange is one of the most difficult colours to print with classic CMYK inks. With screen printing, for example, you don't have that problem, because then you just use orange ink. But we don't do screen printing anymore, so we had been looking for a good digital alternative for a while. When we heard that the latest generation Mutoh XpertJet printers are now available with an extra orange ink, we were immediately interested. A test at the Mutoh demo centre was the deciding factor. The orange colour is beautifully bright and now also offers us the possibility to print almost all Pantone colours."

Eight-colour configuration

Besides orange, the Mutoh XpertJet 1682SR printer also features CMYK, Lk, Lc, Lm. About this, Rini says the following: "Those extra 'light' inks make a world of difference in the lighter colours. You can see that especially well in skin tones. They now look even more beautiful and natural. The Light Black ink in turn offers the advantage that light grey tones come out of the printer a lot calmer and more neutral. Before, they sometimes showed a sort of green cast after lamination, but that too is now completely gone."

Environmentally friendly and flexible

In addition to the expanded colour range, Billie is also very pleased with some of the new XpertJet printer's innovations. "We especially like the new larger cassettes. Before, we had to replace the whole ink cartridge, but now we only have to throw away an empty bag. That's better for the environment, because also this plays into our choice for one technology or another."

"We also like the fact that Mutoh printers start printing very shortly at the front of the sheet, which means that there is little or no material loss. And it doesn't always have to be from the roll either. We often just put a loose sheet in the printer and that works fine too. That makes switching between different jobs fast and flexible."

In 2021, Theunissen Reklame celebrated its 50th anniversary, but with son Billie, the third generation is ready to add another 50 years. For more information about Theunissen Reklame, take a look at their Facebook page:

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