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The best solution found was the Mutoh ValueJet 1627MH digital inkjet printer, which enables Tojapak to offer its customers smaller series of high quality packaging. 


Increasing customer demand for customised and distinctive packaging solutions requires greater flexibility from a packaging manufacturer. This flexibility and agility requires the packaging manufacturer to be able to produce smaller series cost-effectively. To better serve its customers, Tojapak Ky took on this challenge and began to explore possible options for enhancing its core business. The best solution found was the Mutoh ValueJet 1627MH digital inkjet printer, which enables Tojapak to offer its customers smaller series of high quality packaging.

Product in user story: ValueJet 1627MH


New ideas are often abandoned when new packaging innovations or even samples cannot be implemented because making them is too expensive. Offset packaging printers are often not suited for one-offs or short runs, so that even larger companies cannot test all their ideas with their equipment. Unique products require worthy packaging. Tojapak manufactures different types of transport packaging, product packaging, gift and cardboard boxes, archive boxes and other packaging products. Own import channels of raw materials as well as modern printer devices that allow smaller print batches are keeping the company’s costs in control.

“Whereas large corrugated board manufacturers require you to produce hundreds of thousands of cardboard boxes, we are ready to discuss manufacturing of a few hundred packs. Now that we have the new Mutoh printer that allows us to produce even more spectacular and customised designs for small series, we are able to serve our existing and new customers more flexibly” says Tojapak CEO Tommi Oja.


The appearance of the package is often one of the most important factors influencing the purchase decision. Therefore, it is not a trivial matter what kind of print quality is produced for the packaging. Tojapak has been following this philosophy for a long time, and impressively printed packaging has always been its competitive advantage. The ValueJet 1627MH comes with Mutoh’s resin-based CMYK + white MP-31 inks. MP stands for “multi purpose”, which refers to the unique capabilities of the inks and their extreme versatility. The high opacity white ink enables printing on transparent and coloured substrates. The MP-31 inks are also extremely stretchable and shrinkable, making them equally suited for high stretch applications such as car wrapping as well as thermo/vacuum forming and shrink applications. Unique for Mutoh’s multi-purpose inks is that they will preserve the natural texture and look of substrates including for example matte or glossy look, something really important for packaging mockups.

“Mutoh’s print quality is great. Before we bought the machine, we got samples of printed packaging. Now when the machine is in operation, I can say that the printing quality is exactly what was promised. We are thus better able to stand out from our competitors and to provide our customers with added value, ”says CEO Tommi Oja.


When Tojapak had decided to purchase a new printing device they started planning the installation. The technician from Sesoma, Mutoh’s Division in Finland, came in for the task and the new device was operational the next day. “Two of our employees received in-depth training by Sesoma’s experts. The printer is really easy to use and intuitive, and there have been no problems with the installation. The need for support has been low. I have only positive feedback about the user experience, ”says CEO Oja.


Production of smaller series has been Tojapak's competitive advantage and core business from the very beginning. The Mutoh ValueJet 1627MH brings a lot of new opportunities for the company to offer more impressive customised packaging solutions to its customers.

Whether it is test batches of a larger project or small batches of promotional products and samples, Tojapak now has a device that makes high quality packaging affordable.

“Only imagination is the limit in manufacturing new products or finding new target groups. The needs of the domestic industry are well known to us, but the new Mutoh ValueJet 1627MH provides new opportunities. Smaller series can be useful for packing business gifts with the company's own logos, colors and fonts. This could be a good way to distinguish yourself from others in a memorable way, ”Tommi Oja, CEO of Tojapak, says.

“Ever since we have bought the Mutoh ValueJet 1627MH printer, we discover new applications and new possibilities daily. It’s truly remarkable how this printer enhances our creativity and drives us to look for new solutions. If I had known this beforehand, we would have bought it earlier” says Tojapak CEO Tommi Oja.

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