Indoor / Outdoor Signage

  • Event banners

  • Retail/business banners

  • Community banners

  • Café Barriers

  • Health & safety signage

  • Soft signage (flags)

  • A-Frames

Outdoor signage is a cost-effective tool for any business, reinforcing branding and messaging 24/7. It drives sales, reaches people where they are and targets many demographics. No wonder there is high demand! Take a look at how this high volume, cost-effective service can drive more business to your business.

The Science

The most important consideration is that outdoor signage has to be durable, very durable! Signage has to withstand weather, air-borne dirt and dust every day for an extended period, so using the right print technology and materials is key to success in this market.

Outdoor signage is printed using a durable ink such as an eco-solvent or mild solvent ink type which has been specifically designed for long-term outdoor applications. Eco-solvent / mild solvent ink ‘binds’ to the substrate meaning that even unlaminated, it’s tough. It also allows stretch without cracking which is important, as many signs will need the flexibility to move with the wind. Extra durability can be added with lamination if required. Depending on the longevity required, there is a wide choice of PVC banner materials available. Alternatively you can print direct to textiles using the same durable ink for soft signage applications such as flags and café barriers.

What You Need


  • Eco-solvent / mild solvent wide format printer (64” is ideal)

  • RIP

  • Banner material or suitable textile

  • Laminator (if required)

How You Can Benefit

There are both business and operational benefits to including outdoor signage as part of your service:


  • High volume, production market

  • Opportunity for repeat business and customer loyalty

  • Multiple applications

  • Flexibility to produce high value one-offs or production runs

  • Low capital investment

Outdoor signage is a cost-effective solution for any business, whether one-off designs or production runs. Although signage printed using eco-solvent / mild solvent ink will be UV durable for up to 3 years out of direct sunlight, the reality is, these signs will be changed on a more regular basis, especially event and community signage. Not only will your return on investment will be fast in this high-volume, fast-moving market, but the cost of the inks and substrates are cost effective so your on-going investment will be low compared to other applications. The production of outdoor signage is often the bedrock of a print provider as a result.


  • Perfect for one-offs, short or production runs

  • Vibrant colour, resistant to scratches and fade (lamination optional)

  • Quick drying time

  • Low odour (no harmful VOC’s)

  • Multiple applications

  • Huge choice of banner materials and textiles

  • Production business

High volume eco-solvent / mild solvent printers give you the advantage, not only in terms of the ink durability, but the flexibility to operate one-off, short and long production runs meaning you can reach any business of any size. Alongside a RIP, you can be sure of absolute colour and quality consistency no matter which materials you use. The quality and durability of your output is key to success in this market so selecting the right printer and materials is critically important. Get this right and the business will be there. 

Your Target Markets


  • Corporate marketing departments

  • Advertising/brand agencies

  • Local businesses and community projects

  • Events

  • Small businesses

  • Public services (hospitals & Government buildings)

Mutoh Equipment Options


  • ValueJet 1341SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1641SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR Pro

  • XpertJet 1682SR

  • ValueJet 2638X

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