ValueJet 2638X

made in japan
piezo variable drop
i² Intelligent Interweaving
Dual Head

ValueJet 2638X

Flexible, reliable and able to deliver excellent print quality for volume production, the printer addresses the needs of businesses focusing on both high speed production and top quality print work. The VJ-2638X is ideal for established sign makers who need extra versatility and for larger operations that want to extend their capacity and flexibility.

A ValueJet 2638X will deliver best-in-class speed and superior print quality at sellable production speeds up to 39 m²/h.

Product Highlights

  • Robust printer, featuring proven technology, made in Japan

  • Staggered dual head setup with 1440 nozzle piezo heads

  •  Extreme print quality and sharpness at all production speeds

  •  Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving (i²) and DropMaster technology inside

  •  Super high resolution prints at 22 m²/h (720 x 1080 dpi)

  •  Production speeds including 33 and 39 m²/h @ 720 x 720 dpi

  •  Durable prints on coated & uncoated substrates – exterior durability up to 3 years

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