Mutoh's Print and Cut Solution!

Enjoy the benefits and freedom of Mutoh’s print & cut solution: two machines which work in perfect tandem as well as independently!

Dual Devices – Make the Smart Choice…

If contour cutting applications are part of your business, you need a solution that not only gives you control, but freedom too.  Mutoh dual device print and cut combinations give you control over the direction of your business and your ability to meet customer needs as well as giving you the freedom to change what you offer and enhance your portfolio without needing to invest further.

The Clear Advantage

Investing in a dual print and cut solution gives your business some clear advantages over the single device systems available on the market:


  • Contour cut and print on your two devices simultaneously for as long as you need.

  • Using our specially developed Print & Cut software, you can create, RIP, print, cut, contour-cut and print and cut from one software application.

  • Printers and cutters have different economic life-cycles. The average life-cycle of a printer is 3-5 years, for a cutter it’s up to 10 years. Dual device solutions make economic sense!

  • Improved workflow – stickers and labels printed on self-adhesive media need to dry to avoid shrinking. With a dual device solution, it’s not a problem, get on with printing another job while that one’s drying. Don’t let one stage of the job slow down another.  Increased productivity!

  • What if the worst happens and one of your devices needs a new part or becomes defective?  With a single device system, your business halts.  With a dual device system, you can carry on with those jobs to which your active device is suited.  Increased productivity again!

  • Just have days when all you need is to print?  Again, a dual device system gives you the clear advantage. Choose a Mutoh printer that you think will cover all your business requirements and you have the ultimate flexibility should your needs and customer requirements change. 

Mutoh's contour cut workflow: step-by-step

Here's how it works:


  • Sticker design comes in from a external design package such as CorelDRAW® or Illustrator® or is created in Mutoh's workflow software.

  • The stickers are printed

  • After printing, the operator can choose to build-in a drying time, to laminate or to immediately cut the stickers.

  • The printed stickers (roll or sheet) (front or reverse first) are loaded into the ValueCut and the signal is given to start the job.

  • The ValueCut uses the preprinted reference box to exactly position, scale and skew the vector data and accurately contour-cuts the stickers.

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