AMS Grawer Ostrow - Personalised Promotional Products

In addition to laser engraved and printed glassware, the acquisition of the Mutoh 626UF has opened up the personalised promotional products market for AMS.

The Challenge

To expand the Company’s markets and opportunities through their traditional business model and LED UV printing.

Products in user story: ValueJet 626UF LED UV printer (and laser engraver)

Łukasz and Agnieszka Szkudlarz, owners of AMS Grawer Ostrow wanted to improve the production efficiency of their core products and be able to add additional products to their portfolio to meet customer demand. Their investment in a Mutoh ValueJet 626UF LED UV printer has achieved this objective and increased their potential to grow the Company further.

Formed in 1996, AMS Grawer Ostrow based in Poland started business providing awards, medals, ceramics and gifts. A large part of their business then was engraving, and this still remains an important element, having built up a reputation for quality products over many years. During the early 2000’s the Company further invested in sublimation equipment, a cutting plotter and expanded their retail premises. These investments took the Company in to new and exciting areas such as decals, stickers, badges and pins.

In more recent years, AMS invested in digital 4-colour printing facilities, allowing them to print up to A3 and the Company took on standard print work such as business cards, posters and leaflets with lamination if required.

Expansion continued from 2015 with larger premises, more employees and with more equipment, the ability to diversify their print offerings and products.

In 2020, AMS purchased a Mutoh ValueJet 626UF A2+ size UV LED desktop printer. 

AMS immediately saw that production could be increased by investing in this technology. Products that they previously had to outsource for production, could now be bought in-house, glass-printing being one.  Not only were they able to reduce production cost, but turnaround times too. 

Łukasz Szkudlarz notes, ‘Before buying the Mutoh 626UF, we were only able to laser engrave our glass products, but any printing had to be done externally. Now we have the ability to do the printing ourselves which greatly accelerates order fulfilment but also means we have greater control of the finished product and production process’.

In addition to laser engraved and printed glassware, the acquisition of the Mutoh 626UF has opened up the personalised promotional products market for AMS. They can now produce medals in any shape, individually designed awards, statuettes, key rings, magnets and gifts for all occasions.

Agnieszka Szkudlarz adds, The ValueJet 626UF enabled us to expand our business to include advertising gadgets, calendars and signs made of plexiglass and PVC.  But one interesting area for which there is demand is rating plates and control panels, especially for vintage technology, where we now have the ability to produce one-offs thanks to layered printing and white. These are complex projects and a demand high quality finish’.

AMS also produces toys with the ValueJet UV LED desktop printer  – the Mutoh US11 inks are compliant with the European standard for safety of toys, which means that for customers into toy printing, the US11 inks do not contain any forbidden substance to pass local certification for toy production.

Łukasz Szkudlarz finishes, ‘We are positive for the future now and sure that the Mutoh 626UF will not only increase the number of applications that we can address, but as has already been proven with glass printing, mean that we can benefit from improved production efficiency and product quality. It’s going to be an exciting time. As we get used to the technology, we can look to further extending our portfolio with more personalised designs and bespoke items based on customers visions’.

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