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Mutoh printers are rock solid machines and very reliable. That, combined with the beautiful print quality and ease of maintenance, makes it the perfect production workhorse.

Company owners Francis Hélin and his wife Katie

One stop printshop Complot BV, based in the Belgian city of Roeselare, has been a loyal Mutoh user for many years, and company owner Francis Hélin sees absolutely no reason to change this.

"Mutoh printers are rock solid machines and very reliable. That, combined with the beautiful print quality and ease of maintenance, makes it perfect production workhorses.”

Product in user story: XpertJet 1641SR

Mutoh printers are a match made in heaven for Complot BV

The history of Complot dates back to 1997, when Francis started offering digitally printed posters.

An untapped market as it turned out, and soon after, a second printer was added as well as some finishing equipment. Word of mouth did the rest and before long, they had to move to a bigger location.

Today, the company is a reliable partner for many graphic agencies, stand builders, sign makers and designers, and has an extensive arsenal of printers and finishing equipment to ensure the highest possible quality and service.

Made in Japan

Recently, Complot invested in a new Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR, which is the replacement for the well-known Mutoh ValueJet 1624X. Francis explains: “The main reason why we opted again for Mutoh, is simply because they're solid machines. Made in Japan stands for innovative and reliable equipment, and with today’s short deadlines, one cannot afford delays due to mechanical issues. We also have have two ValueJet's, 1624X and 1638X, in use and over the years, these machines have proven to be reliable workhorses one can depend on. On top of that, print quality is great. Especially solid colours come out very nice. No banding or stripes whatsoever, something that wasn't always the case on other machines we've had.”

Improved ink system

With its nice semi-gloss black finish, the new XpertJet 1641SR is a real stunner and looks quite different from its predecessors, but the biggest changes are under the hood. Francis: “New for us is the Illuminated print platform under the front cover, which makes it a lot easier to control the output during printing. Another big improvement is the ink system. Ink is no longer stored in cartridges, but in bags that also contain more ink. Refilling is a piece of cake and the new inks are more price-favourable than the previous ones, and that helps to maintain much-needed profit margins.”

Extremely stable with predictable print quality

Complot uses the Mutoh printers mainly to produce long-term and high-quality applications such as: full-colour posters, banners, backlit signage, POS displays, signage for buildings as well as adhesive signs and stickers. Francis adds: “Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use, we produce everything in the best print quality and that’s where we make the difference. And the best of all is that we can achieve this beautiful print quality on any flexible substrate, because Mutoh printers develop very little heat during the drying process. Thanks to the low maintenance of the Mutoh printers, machine uptime is very high. You might not believe it, but we only calibrate our Mutoh printers once a year. Other than that, there is not much to do. Cleaning of the heads and capping station is done twice a week, and that takes only 10 minutes. Reprints, even months after the initial print, show absolutely no colour difference. So, having a machine that is extremely stable with predictable quality, helps a lot in offering the best print quality, day in and day out. For our purposes, the Mutoh printers are a match made in heaven.”

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