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In order to satisfy the changing market demands and be able to implement their own creative ideas more efficiently, Pitex had to make a few important changes in their production process. 


In the world of digital printing, consumers might want something completely different every day. Therefore, in order to survive in the highly competitive market, companies need to adapt to the changing consumer needs and expectations very quickly. Moreover, the products need to be attractive and engaging, without the slightest compromise on quality. In order to satisfy the changing market demands and be able to implement their own creative ideas more efficiently, Pitex had to make a few important changes in their production process.

Products in user story: ValueJet 1638WX & DrafStation RJ-900XG


Pitex is a digital printing service provider, established in 2008 in Lithuania, offering its clients sublimation services on a wide range of clothing, accessories, interior décor, furniture, promotional items and so on. Initially, the company has been working with traditionally printed upholstery textiles, but due to limitations, Pitex has eventually changed its business profile into digital printing. “Today’s customers want personalisation in every aspect of their lives, especially when it comes to accessories and interior décor elements. Our customers do not want to be limited with certain colour and design options, when implementing their biggest ideas”, says Mantas Juraška, the CEO of Pitex. According to him, the new era has started for the company after deciding to install Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX and Mutoh DrafStation RJ-900XG printers in their production process in 2016. After the initial test prints, it became obvious, that this has been the best investment the company has ever made.


“Mutoh printers have given us the ability to be exceptional at what we do. Now we are capable of carrying out small orders in one or two hours and printing the prototypes of the entire design collection in one day“, says Mantas Juraška, the company’s CEO. “Even though Pitex had been in the business for almost a decade before installing Mutoh printers;

The difference the printers have made to our work processes – and financial benefits – were simply breath-taking. Flexibility and efficiency is extremely important in order to be able to implement the most courageous ideas, design and print unique personalised items for our customers, and stay ahead of competition”. One of the biggest competitive advantages of Pitex is their thirst for creating something new each day. “We are striving to become the leaders of the bag and interior décor market categories, with digitally printed unique artworks. Therefore, we constantly research the market, try to capture the changing customer needs and quickly react to the new market trends”, says the company leader.

“What is more, in order to thrive, companies need to be where their ideal customers are. Our design pieces are sold via all popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Etsy), as well as via our online shop. Our customers value art and unique solutions, and we do our best to be easily reached by them”, says Mantas Juraška.


Pitex is passionate about co-operating with local artists and bringing their artworks to life. The company has recently launched its own exclusive line of bags, called “Attitude”, consisting of 20 different models of stylish fanny packs, tote bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, cosmetics bags and travel bags. “It’s our way of encouraging young artists – we are building a community of people, who are passionate about expressing themselves and just love good quality print”, Mantas Juraška says. There is no time for boredom at Pitex, as the application possibilities of Mutoh printers, combined with their imagination and passion for print, are endless. “We feel honoured to be in the official partnership with Ciurlionis National Museum of Art and to be able to transfer their extraordinary masterpieces on our products. We believe that the times when artworks could only hang on the wall are long gone. Now we can coexist with art and constantly admire the beauty of it, by transferring it to a pillowcase, a bag or a tablecloth. Also, we are capable of spreading the exceptional Lithuanian heritage throughout the entire world this way”, says the company leader.


Another important aspect of the print-on-demand business is personalisation. “People love to be surrounded with items that remind them of something, cause positive emotions and bring back beautiful memories. With the capacity of Mutoh printers, we are able to create extremely high quality personalised items for our clients, which will bring joy to them for many years to come”, says Mantas Juraška. Mutoh printers allow Pitex to create personalised items for its customers quickly and easily.


Being socially responsible and keeping the quality standards high are the key values of Pitex. “We care about our environmental footprint, therefore, the quality and longevity of our products is our highest priority”, says the company leader. “We get lots of positive reviews from our customers, who are impressed with the print quality and how good the prints look and feel”. Producing slow fashion items – unique high quality accessories and interior décor items, that will be used for many years – is the company’s way of contributing to the sustainable way of producing and encouraging ethical consumption.

Pitex, short for Printed Interior Textile, has been around for over a decade. To stay innovative, the owner decided to invest in digital printer equipment. In recent years, the company has been making the difference through their latest investments: two Mutoh dye sublimation printers.

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