Braille Signage


  • Public facilities / municipal buildings

  • Tourist attractions

  • Emergency signage

  • Hotels

  • Museums and libraries

  • Hospitals

  • Schools, colleges and university

LED UV (ultraviolet) digitally printed signage is incredibly durable and the content can be layered to create raised characters for signage such as Braille. Personalisation is a breeze, start-up costs are low and you can print on to almost any non-porous surface. Expand your application range and harness the power of your sign-making skills with UV Braille printing!

The Science

Printing Braille characters is just the same as printing any structured graphic and the process is just as straightforward with the help of CADLink Digital Designer with Braille translation module:

  • Design your sign in Digital Designer in your native language

  • When complete, select your language and whether you want to output in Braille Grade 1 or 2 (Ref.

  • Select the Braille translation icon and the Braille is created for you taking in to account standardised dot size and space.

  • Digital Factory Mutoh Edition then takes it to the print stage to create the structured print ensuring the height of the text matches the targeted Braille standard.

  • For speed, you can choose to build the initial layers with white and gloss, finishing with a colour layer.

Conventional printing processes allow the ink to dry naturally or in some cases via gently applied heat. Using LED UV ink however, the UV printing process works very differently and utilises an innovative method called ‘UV curing’. As it uses light (ultra-violet light) instead of heat to dry the ink, the drying process only takes a split second. The huge appeal of LED UV printing is that the ink isn’t absorbed in to the object or substrate, it sits on the top, which means that you can print on to almost any non-porous surface.

What You Need

  • Mutoh UV desktop printer (XpertJet 461UF or 661UF),

  • CADLink Digital Designer with Braille module

  • Mutoh Edition Digital Factory

  • Mutoh LED UV rigid inks (UH21)

  • Non-porous objects to print on (plastics, glass, wood, stone, metal)

How You Can Benefit

Braille signage production is a growth market allowing print providers and sign makers to use existing skills to find new opportunities with a faster, more efficient alternative to embossing.


  • Growth market for on-demand rapid customisation

  • High margins

  • Multiple applications

  • Straightforward operation

  • Low capital investment

  • Small format printers are compact desktop units ideal to fit in to a larger operation or for start-ups with limited space

Flexibility, fast turnaround times and personalisation. These are the key attributes of LED UV Braille printing. The market is constantly growing as companies strive to stand out from the crowd. But so can you! If you are an established print shop, take advantage of low capital investment and the opportunity to branch out in to this market and add additional services to existing customers. If you are a start-up, Braille printing is the perfect place to start. Low investment, easy to source ready-made substrates, easy set-up and ready to go when printed!


  • Perfect for prototypes, one-offs or short to medium production runs

  • Resistant to scratches and fade

  • Multiple applications

  • Fast turnaround (no drying time needed)

  • No finishing or sealing required

  • Easy colour management

  • Will print on to almost any non-porous surface

One of the biggest advantages of LED UV printing is the fine detail that can be achieved for Braille printing, so no matter how small your design or text, it will be fine to the touch. And thanks to the ink curing technology, there is absolutely no fade and great scratch resistance.

Your costs are kept low with small format LED UV printers and the inks. And because there is little set-up, prototyping and one-off pieces are as cost-effective as longer runs. It all adds up and it all helps retain your margins.

Your Target Markets

  • Public facilities and municipal buildings

  • Tourist attractions

  • Emergency signage

  • Hotels

  • Museums and libraries

  • Hospitals

  • Schools, colleges and university

Mutoh Equipment Options

  • XpertJet XPJ-461UF

  • XpertJet XPJ-661UF

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