ValueCut II 600

24" wide
contour cut
registration marks

ValueCut II 600

The compact desktop ValueCut II 600 sign cutting plotter covers the widest range of signmaking applications: traditional vinyl cutting for lettering jobs, contour cutting of pre-printed stickers and die cutting for the creation of individual stickers.

A complete set of high quality cutting blades is available for perfect cuts and easy weeding. Thanks to the incorporated innovative tangential simulation mode you can make miniature letters, intricate graphic shapes and obtain perfect cut quality with thick materials.

Product Highlights

  •  Cutting widths: 610 mm (24.01”)

  •  For home, office and professional users

  •  Finest cutting quality: high quality cutting blades and innovative tangential simulation mode

  •  Excellent media tracking up to 10 metres

  •  Top performer: speed up to 1530 mm/s, acceleration up to 4.2 G and cutting force up to 600 grams

  •  Automatic registration mark detection to swiftly contour-cut preprinted graphics

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