Deep-Cut Studio - Game Mats and Dice Trays

Deep-Cut Studio provides high quality, unique, custom-made products for gaming enthusiasts all around the world. 


Deep-Cut Studio is an artisan company, specialising in the production of game mats and dice trays, RPG and tabletop game accessories. Located in the geographical centre of Europe – Lithuania – Deep-Cut Studio provides high quality, unique, custom-made products for gaming enthusiasts all around the world. Deep-Cut Studio’s products are available to purchase via their online shop and in their partners’ retail stores in Europe, the UK and the US. The company has been led by Kostas Brazauskas and Gediminas Jonaitis – the founders and co-owners of Deep-Cut Studio.

Product in user story: ValueJet 1638WX


As it usually happens with all passion projects, it all started when two gaming enthusiasts could not find anyone to realise their ideas and decided to make their own game mat from scratch themselves. After successfully implementing the initial project, Kostas and Gediminas have created a handful of game mats for their friends. At one point, both of them understood that in order to satisfy the rapidly growing interest, they had to make a rational decision of transforming their dream project into a business and lifting the whole production process to the next level.


“Seeing the success and high appreciation that came together with our initial projects, the only rational step was to expand and make our hobby a business. That’s when the need of selecting a reliable printer has arisen”, says Gediminas Jonaitis. “Our biggest dream was to dive into the international markets and be able to offer our products to the worldwide game manufacturing leaders in Europe, UK and US.” The main challenge for Deep-Cut Studio was to find a highly reliable, cost-efficient printer, which would offer extremely high quality prints and would not require a lot of supervision.“

We found the Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX to be exactly what we were looking for – due to its precision, efficiency and capacity, we were able to reach audiences we couldn’t have imagined before”, adds Kostas Brazauskas. “The worldwide competition of game accessories production is rough, and, in order to survive, we need to provide maximum attention to detail each time. The biggest benefits of investing in Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX were its extremely high reliability, precision, quality control and e˛ciency”, says Gediminas Jonaitis.


Today, the vast majority of Deep-Cut Studio products is exported to the UK, the EU and the US. The studio is in constant co-operation with the leading international gaming brands, such as Corvus Belli and Steam Forged Games. The company is concentrating all its efforts to satisfy the exponentially growing needs of gaming professionals for dedicated gaming mats, therefore, top product quality is their biggest priority.

“The Mutoh printer has provided us with the extraordinary ability to make each of our products in house and be able to observe the whole production process, making sure that the project is executed up to the slightest detail”, says Kostas Brazauskas. “Our clients do not accept any compromises when it comes to product quality. Even the slightest detail matters in the world of gaming – for example, we make the game mats and dice trays from a specially selected synthetic cloth that allows the ball or dice to roll silently, which is highly appreciated among the players”.


In 2015 Deep-Cut Studio received its first award in the Best Gaming Accessory competition for their Urban Wasteland Mat. “This has been a huge accomplishment for us, proving that we are going in the right direction” says Gediminas Jonaitis. Also, in 2016, the company has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 3rd Annual Gaming Awards. “These competitions are voted by gamers worldwide – such appreciation makes us feel truly honoured and inspires us to try and achieve even more”, says Kostas Brazauskas.

“Follow your biggest passion and it will feel as if you don’t have to work a single day” – this is what first came to mind after talking to the owners of Deep-Cut Studio. It’s always great to witness how following one’s dreams can bring such tremendous benefits, and how rapidly the business can evolve when you do what you love and are not afraid to invest time and resources in it.

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